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Kannad SafeLink Solo PLB 406MHz with GPS

Product Code: 66302
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Price: $399.95 AUD

• This product is a 100% brand new, original Kannad Marine™ product, in original packaging
• We are an authorised Kannad stockist - Item is Australian model with serial numbers
• SafeLink Solo PLB works by transmitting an emergency signal via the dedicated 406 MHz distress frequency, which is monitored by the global COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system, alerting international search & rescue services to the emergency situation and the ID of the PLB user
• In addition, the integral 50 channel GPS gives search and rescue services accurate location coordinates, updating them every 20 minutes
• Once activated the SafeLink SOLO PLB will transmit constantly for a minimum of 24 hours, and will operate at temperatures down to -20°c. It also has an SOS LED flashing light that the user can switch on to aid rescue in the dark

Key Features

• Internationally Approved
• Subscription-free & no call charges
• Compact, light and durable
• Waterproof to 10m and buoyant when used with flotation pouch.
• True global emergency alerting via COSPAS-SARSAT satellites
• 406 MHz international distress signal and 121.5 MHz homing signal
• 50 channel integral GPS
• Minimum of 24 hours continuous operation
• Simple 3 stage activation
• Operates at temperatures down to -20°C
• SOS LED flash light
• Self-test up to 12 times per year
• 5 year replaceable battery life (from date of manufacture)
• Includes Free buoyancy pouch, universal pouch, & lanyard

About 406 MHz Personal Location Beacons (PLB)

• A PLB (such as the Kannad SafeLink Solo) is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. It does this by transmitting a coded message on the 406MHz distress frequency.
• This message is relayed via satellite and earth station to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre.
• The SafeLink Solo also has a secondary homing beacon, which transmits on 121.5MHz. When the rescue services get close, this allows them to direction find on the signal
• SafeLink Solo is also GPS-enabled, which means it has built-in multi-channel GPS receivers., making it much more accurate and will enable rescue services to come straight to your location

• We are an authorised Kannad stockist - All of our PLBs are Australian models and come with serial numbers which is required when registering with the Australian Beacon Register.
• Registration is free and can result in a more efficient search and rescue effort. As stated, digital 406 MHz distress beacons transmit a unique code that identifies a particular beacon when it is activated.
• A registered 406 MHz beacon will allow the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s (AMSA) Rescue Coordination Centre to access the registration database and find contact details; details of registered vessels, aircraft or vehicles; and details of up to three nominated emergency contacts who may be contacted if a beacon is activated and contact cannot be made.
• Beacon registration can be done online http://www.beacons.amsa.gov.au/ or by contacting 1800 406 406.