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5M Roll 300-SMD LED Red Flexible Strip Light

Product Code: 52182
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Price: $29.95 AUD$39.95 AUD

• This product is a 100% brand new, original AquaTrack™ product
• Roll of 5 metres, containing 300 high quality super flux Red SMD LEDs, which have a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours!
• (These are not standard LEDs or even Piranha LEDs - These are Hi-Flux SMD LEDs which have a much higher luminous intensity)
• Can be cut at desired length to suit your application - Cut to different lengths for use in multiple areas of your boat, caravan, home, etc), or can e left as a continuous 5 metre length
• Can be mounted around corners, in small spaces, or in-line
• Great light output and uses only a small percentage of power compared to incandescent lighting
• 100% sealed and waterproof construction IP68 Rating (beware of inferior products on the market that have a lower IP rating and are not completely waterproof)
• Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy resin, to resist water, corrosion and vibration
• Can be permanently left out in ANY weather
• Low power consumption & long term lasting
• Includes tinned twin core wire
• 3M Marine grade adhesive fitted to assist with mounting
• Includes 10 rubber mounting saddles to assist with mounting (screws not included)
Note: Due to the high temperatures we have experienced recently, the adhesive may be quite sticky, but the strip can also be mounted with the saddles supplied, or by using a marine-grade adhesive (such as Sikaflex-291)


• 5 metre roll
• IP Rating: IP68
• Total of 300 Hi-Flux SMD LEDs (60 LEDs per metre)
• Colour: Red
• Voltage: 12V DC
• Current draw: Only 40mA per metre - Total 2 Amp per roll
• Power draw: 4.8 Watts per metre - Total 24 Watts per roll
• Dimensions: Length 5 metres, Width 10mm, Height 5mm
• Approvals: CE , RoHS


Suitable for many 12V DC applications, including:

• Automotive / 4x4 interior lighting
• Boat cabin & deck lighting
• Under gunwale lighting
• Bait tank lighting
• Stair lighting
• Kitchen lighting
• Courtesy lighting   
• Caravan lighting
• Truck, Ute & 4x4 lighting
• Camping & outdoor lighting
• Garden & exterior lighting
• And many others...