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Deluxe Stainless Steel Bait Board & Rod Holders - Rod Holder Mount



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• This product is 100% brand new, original AquaTrack™ product

• Manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel framing with 4 stainless steel rod holders

• Long lasting UV stabilised food-grade polyethylene removable board, for easy cleaning

• 2 anodised aluminium adjustable legs, suits standard rod holders

• Plastic adjustable knuckles, allows the board to be used in angled or straight rod holders

• Resistant to sun damage and abrasions and will not fade even after years of use

• 4 stainless steel rod holders, mounted on the rear of the bait board frame

• (Note: Our boards do not have a hole in the run-off section like some other cutting boards, as it defeats the purpose of the bait board by draining bait blood, etc into your boat). Our boards do not do this

• Slight movement in adjustable knuckles acts as a suspension to prevent any damage in the event of the board being bumped

• Easy to install, simply fits into your boat's existing rod holder

• Can be easily removed for storage and cleaning


• Cutting board dimensions: 560mm x 370mm

• Overall dimensions: 615mm x 500mm (including rod holders & frame)

• Height: 600mm (including board and legs)

• Distance Between rod holders: \\  160mm  ||  140mm  ||  160mm  // (centre to centre)

• Rod holder inside diameter: 43mm

• Rod holder length: 210mm

• Width between mounting legs: 390mm (centre to centre)

• Mounting leg diameter: 38mm

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