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AquaTrack 12V 600A Battery Jump Starter 18000mAh

Product Code: 35101
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Price: $219.95 AUD$309.95 AUD

Note: There are many different levels of quality on the market, so don’t be fooled by inferior products out there. Many other jump starters may appear similar in design and specs, but are manufactured with cheap quality internal components and cheap unknown battery cells (which are the MOST IMPORTANT characteristics of a jump starter). This can lead to the jump starter failing at the wrong time, leaving the user stranded.

• This product is a 100% brand new, original AquaTrack™ product, in original packing
• Beware of inferior non-genuine products on the market that claim to be just as good
• Compact & lightweight, with pending patent on automobile Jump-Start Technology
• Features a high capacity 18,000mAh Nano Lithium Polymer battery
• Huge 600 Amp current output!
• Will jump start all 12-volt Diesel and Petrol vehicles up to 7 Litres, including motorcycles, powersports vehicles, boats, and even 12V V8 Diesel trucks with ease!
• It offers 19V and 12V ports, and 5V USB ports to charge almost any device you may have
• Integrated high power LED flashlight with S.O.S flash patterns
• Smart-Clamp system detects polarty, has an automatic switch off to prevent overheating, overcharging and over-discharging
• Easy to use - Simply attach the jump start leads to your flat battery, connect and power the unit up and turn the key of your vehicle to start
• Eliminates the need for bulky jumper leads or another car or having to call or wait for help
• Fast charging with low self-discharge cycle
• Charging cycles can reach more than 1,000 times
• Reverse charge protection
• Jump starts in extreme cold weather (-20C)
• Up to 40 jump starts off one charge
• Power up a laptop, camp fridge, GPS, TV, DVD and more!
• Portable safety device capable of jump starting a broad range of vehicles
• A must have safety device for all vehicles
• Comes with a moulded carry case to house the unit and all its accessories

Kit Contents

• 600A Jump Starter unit
• Jumper leads with clamps
• 8-Tip Cable: Universal, black, with 8 different detachable tips to fit various brands’ Laptop charging ports (Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus and more)
• 12V Cable: Universal, black, for all 12V Accessories (i.e. Mobile DVD players)
• 4-in-1 USB Cables: Universal, white, to suit USB-chargeable electronics such as specific types of mobile phones, iPads, GPS, tablet computers, etc
• Home Charger: For wall charging that is compatible with 240V outlets
• Mobile Charger: For plugging into 12V cigarette lighter socket
• Moulded carry case  


• For power supply to 12V vehicles or 12V electronics
• Battery Capacity: 18,000mAh
• Output: 5V 1A; 5V 2A; 12V 10A; 19V 3.5A
• Input: 15V 1A
• Peak current: 600A
• Starting current: 300A
• Full charging time: 8 hours
• 3 function emergency flashlight with Strobe and SOS signal
• Dimensions: Length: 230mm x Width 87mm x Height 27mm